A Diversified Fintech Company

QuantGate's revolutionary real time perception and sentiment platform is reshaping the future of fintech.

Retail Institutional

QuantGate Systems has developed the world’s only real-time market participant behavioral sentiment and perception analysis system for capital markets trading.

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Pilot Mobile

Pilot Trading enables anyone to trade with our advanced algorithms and with any broker. Pilot is the ideal AI trading assistant for active day traders.

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Stealth Professional Desktop

Stealth Trader© is a mathematical and cognitive psychology based market visualization instrument that filters complex market data to vividly and explicitly depict the perception and sentiment of market participants.

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HYDRA Robotic Trading Platform

Utilizes QuantGate’s most advanced algorithms and technologies including a robust robotic trading engine. HYDRA is a scalable, multi strategy, platform featuring powerful portfolio & risk management capabilities that are customizable to suit the asset manager's parameters.

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Technological Breakthrough in Fintech & AI

Take a closer look at our platform's robust core algorithms with this brief overview.

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